Munchie birthdays coming for my twins~(grand-daughters turning three a week apart)

As I finished the quilt tops I had a great assortment of fabric left and thought I would make two little doll quilts to match...and then I remembered how much Emma and Tara love toting their "Polly Pockets" around everywhere they go, so I made two bags with their names. Now because they cannot read yet I had to choose very different colors to eliminate a know, a birthday battle..Not that these two would ever argue or anything...


  1. Too cute! Love the bags, too! My girls fight like that over everything...still...with the hitting objects and they are almost seven and almost nine. (and I am not allowed to call them any other age!)

  2. Lovely bags that you made. They will love them!

  3. Ha, that's nothing! Try it with FOUR girls!


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