Colleen Durkin~ I am speechless!!

So~I opened my front door to have a look at my impatients to see how they were doing in this heatwave and I saw a package looking up at me...When I saw the return address I nearly had HEART failure because I KNEW EXACTLY what was in the box!! This young woman, Colleen, designs the MOST beautiful stained glass pieces and we had just had a conversation about trading a quilt for a star~ Well, Colleen, you have made my day with this most generous gift and I will send you a quilt in return~I cannot get over this magnificent piece of art~ Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!


  1. Oh my. This is absolutely beautiful. Lucky you. I love it.

    Does she sell them?


  2. That is so lovely! She is so talented!

  3. This is so nice of you! I'm glad you like it and I cant wait to see the future quilt!

  4. What a gorgeous star. Lucky you and lucky Colleen to be receiving one of your quilts.

  5. Just BEAUTIFUL!
    I wonder which window you will put it in----


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