Saturday, February 28, 2015

My Girls are coming today! KITZ KWILTZ ♥♥♥♥ And a new Ebay listing!

Today will be our Valentine Party ~ AND some more sorting and some group stitching on a new charity twin quilt!
 Lots of good baking happening here~♥

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dreaming of Spring, Inspiration and beautiful Quilty things~

The "Blizzard Sisters" made their way to our home last weekend to spend some time playing and sewing....eating and creating.....
Tara and E always camera ready.....rascals~
 Little "E" is chomping at the bit to get her hands on my quilting machine.....she is learning how to load a quilt onto the frame....her quilt top is in the line~up! Meanwhile she helps choose thread, organizes my pins and unwraps batting ~ all sorts of necessary jobs!

Kate is on the other side of the table working on her handwork while I think about my design on this sweet quilt~
Kate loved helping with the 20 Clinton St. quilt ~ looking thru her own fabric stash for a memory quilt of her own.....

 Lots of time for hot cups of tea.....♥♥♥

And right in the middle of our wonderful weekend, the Girl scout cookies came in!!!
Some to be brought home to the girls houses...
if there are any left~

Kate made two very sweet pillowcases front and back with her favorite fabrics
One for herself and one for her lucky Nana E~
She spent the better part of two days at the sewing machine.
The seat never cooled between her and I~

 Emma worked on a lampshade for the back porch using buttons and fabric hearts and words of wisdom~
We are planning our next KITE KWILTZ meeting for this Saturday the 28th and have a menu planned and some fun projects~

These young ladies inspire me.....

every visit~

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Finding my way around a Double Wedding Ring design~best.husband.ever.~and New England winter~

For starters~

 I actually have 2 Double wedding Ring quilts that I am making......both for the first time.

I thought I should make the one that will belong to me first~work out all or most of the kinks in my learning curve and then move toward the second which is for a wonderful project due this fall~ (more about that later...)

So here I am.....with number 1DWR which I have named 20 Clinton Street...I spent lots of time thinking about the design, the color, and the placement of color...

Then I got busy cutting all the pieces necessary according to my color layout.

So now I decided to add some embroidered center pieces so I made some adjustments to the original...

Then I decided I wanted some roses climbing along the green "trellis".
Now I needed something a little more detailed so I would not lose my place...

So I made a new colored paper map with the rows separated so that I could put them to the side once my row was finished....
My brain likes!

Of course all around and in between I am thinking of sayings and words that remind me of my grandmothers house....I write them everywhere....

Then I found it was really helpful for me to have my "garage" of extra or half done melons behind me on the quilt wall so that when I was stumped for a particular color combo I could look at my DWR stash....

So here I am with one row sewn......which is a really big deal when you have an imagination like mine that has a very hard time staying in the lines.....


I got a lovely Valentine today in the mail from my husband......these are actually for me "sewing room outfits" lol!

Perfectly perfect~♥

And of course it is still snowing here in New England with two more storms predicted in the next 7 days~ I am well taken care of by this guy~♥

Monday, February 2, 2015

SnOwStOrMs~family~and my grandmothers quilt~♥♥♥

Life in New England~ We all knew at some level that our winter has been SO mild from 2014 into 2015 so it comes as no surprise that now we are getting storm after storm right?
Thank goodness for hard working husbands, snowblowers, and woodstoves....

Millie is looking around her yard...wondering what happened...where are her squirrel friends today?

 The birds are coming up with their emergency preparedness plan......lots to chirp about~♥

My poor daughter has pneumonia and has been "down for the count" for this past week. This ol' gal has the perfect cure for just about anything that ails you...Hot Tortellini soup and Grandmas buns to the rescue...

And of course there are the quilts....lots and LOTS of quilts in progress here at 67 Byam Rd.
This double wedding ring quilt is making its way up my design wall little by little~

My quilt is inspired by my memories at my grandmothers house on "20 Clinton Street" and so it now has an official name which makes it such a JOY to work on...

I added some green fabric to represent the trellis that held her red roses over her front door..

I also found some white on white chicken fabric to use in the center of the rings to celebrate all the warm fuzzy memories in her chicken c00p as a child...

And of course all her apple I am stitching some pretty words and thinking of a tiny appliqued apple tree...

It feels like a journal.....It feels good.

I thought I would show you how I repaired my sewing chair arms with some fancy spotted duct tape...this gives my chair another 20 years at least!

And here is a SUPER cute little monkey ready to mail after the storm today along with his brothers!

 Made by Colleen D. over at MYBLANKIES

Quilted by moi!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lots of quilty goodness going on.....

Gorgeous Kaffe going out to a special gal....shhhhh....its a surprise!
Whenever I open a quilt top and discover Kaffe...all over.....well
the rest is just pure fun~
Lots more pictures to share once the other quilts have been given as gifts.....
and btw
A very Happy and healthy New Year to all my quilty friends! xoE