Thursday, June 26, 2014

More "LoNgArM LoVeLeTTeRs" and summertime......finally....

This memory quilt has the cutest peeks at a toddlers wardrobe.....It is VERY big and so I took pictures in bits~and on different days...with different!
Lavender on lavender...."Amazing Grace" is Moms "LoVeLeTTer"
Quilt top by MYBLANKIES
Quilted by moi.

Take a close look and you can see that I used a lower case "g" and then corrected myself~AHEM!! (what was I thinking?) And a tip for longarmers...just spritz it with water and the previous lines disappear! I will do that as soon as I get off my blog~please let me remember......

My "Spooneylove" kids (my daughters) playing at "E's and Grampies house on a hot summer day....

Vinniedoodles stayed in the sprinkler till he was shivering.....babies and waterplay=LOVE.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

What's on or under your frame today?

A beautiful~beautiful full size lavender quilt for a lucky 2 year old~ all of her special outfits remembered.....BIG swoops of quilted flowers and such for her small fingers to trace as she falls asleep under it...........#loveletters.
Quilt top made by Colleen from MYBLANKIES ~quilted to order by moi~

Everyone should have a companion like Millivanilli~#womansbestfriend

Friday, June 20, 2014

I suppose I am a sparrow.....

"I suppose I am a sparrow...a stay at home bird~" Gladys Taber

This mini rug was inspired by Susan Branch and her talk last weekend in Connecticut....I had to get this one done in wool~

 I am using more textures thanks to Deanne Fitzpatricks great tutorials~ and my sister-in -laws bags of goodies from her travels~

This is the little picture of a sparrow I am referencing.....mine is a little chubbier.....

Late day sun on the porch~time to make something good for supper~more hookin' tomorrow...

 Millie had a "fluff and buff" today~I always drop off a dog and pick up a very large white cat~ She napped for 3 hours straight from the trauma of a good bath~lol!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

"Girlfriends Forever Tour" with Susan Branch and FOGT

We had a lovely day yesterday at the Friends of Gladys Taber reunion in Connecticut~ Susan Branch was the scheduled guest speaker this year and so last fall my granddaughter and sister-in-law Maureen and I joined the FOGT and planned our trip!

Susan Branch is such an inspiring heartfelt and full of stories of her struggles and success.. I was SO happy that my granddaughter Kate had a chance to meet her!

As a grandmother it is so wonderful to surround my grand-daughters with creative, strong, curious and fearless women....

Susan Branch reminds us all that anything is possible.....starting with a dream...becoming a reality~

 And of course, Joe! Behind every successful woman is a wonderful man right?

So fun!

Kate was in one of Susan Branches posts awhile ago so Kate asked Susan to sign her copy~ so sweet....

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Rug hooking "buddies" are best.....

After school yesterday (second grade) my Emma asked me if I had another frame and some of that fabric that I was using for my rug~
She said as she watched me hook, "That looks pretty easy..."
And I said," it really is...would you like me to show you how to hook?"
All she really needed from me was a frame and some wool strips and she drew herself a horse and chose the wool colors and began to hook away...
My granddaughters blow me away....every time....
I found rug hooking when I was 30 years old and was in heaven at the thought of all the rugs to come...can you imagine discovering it at age 7?

Sunday, June 8, 2014

EVERYONE is loving EVERYONE "to the moon and back" I'm just sayin'!

Baby Boy shabby chic for his Mom~ sweet baby boy clothes for the banners~ I love your color choices Colleen from MYBLANKIES

cool washed denim colors...

This is one of my trio of "mini rugs" remembering my grandmothers house...My father would come to pick me up and my grandmother would say, "Let her stay"  Nothing was sweeter than hearing those words and I would hold my breath waiting for his answer....

sweet Millie waiting for her treat today~ "I'm a good dog, right?"

Next up this lilac beauty!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hooking essentials.....Quilting essentials....Nana E essentials....

I am so looking forward to watching this DVD I purchased from Deanne Fitzpatricks studio~
I am working on a trio of small hooked rugs called 20 Clinton Street to capture some really special memories of time spent with my fun~
Also at the MQX in Manchester this past year I met a vendor named Cynthia Ellis who makes the most lovely hand turned hooking needles and scissor holders etc. The wooden scissor holder (complete with scissors) is magnetic and perfect for a rug hooker or a quilter.

So true, right?

A baby boy special for MYBLANKIES

Quilting essentials~  Millie on the lookout and my chalk....

Someone asked me recently about lessons for machine quilting~where would they go ~ what classes did I attend~ I told them about a dozen or so classes I took~ all very interesting...I would go back and forth to each class that first year I had my machine and nothing really clicked until I saw Pam Clarke using her chalk and her grids.....I realized that was all I was really looking for in the end was a guide for freehand quilting~

It clicked because in that moment it set me free with my box of chalk and some lines to keep me somewhat!

My one of a kind garden knome....and yes he is as munchie as he looks.....