Back in the saddle....

This was the summer that was.....that is for sure! I have to rethink my quilting business in the summer next year so that I can really maximize my time with family~
I have 9 excellent reasons for summers off right here, right?

 My Cali girls redwork beautiful.. Finally getting the attention it deserves....

Quilting all the shades of ecru before starting on the white....
 Bits of flowers and sentiment....more pictures tomorrow~
 A "new" old pattern to of my all time favorites~ Its good to be back....Wishing all of my bloggy friends good health and happiness this "new" school year! xoE
Millie taking it all in stride.....#dreamingofnewtoys


  1. Great pictures! Love your new header! : )

  2. What a beautiful family you have. Time goes by fast and you want to enjoy them as much as you can.

  3. I have been tempted by those Sarah Sporer patterns many times.

  4. Love you BLOG!! Thanks I needed that! Your quilting...exquisite!

  5. Enjoy your family, most important thing in your life. Pass your skills down to them.

  6. Family always comes first. What a great picture !
    Thank you for posting these pictures of the quilting on my GIRLS !
    It looks awesome so far !
    Looking forward to seeing more pictures :-D

  7. I was just thinking of that term "back in the saddle" has i was scrolling down to read my fav blogs! Well I have one foot one one stirrup. I think. It takes awhile sometimes! Love the pic of all of your "littles".


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