Addicted to dots....

This quilt with all the differents shades of ecru....all the different shades of white.... Lots of ideas for the shapes between the Redwork girls....

 And then my "in between handwork" that travels with me outside in the yard, to play with the kids or just to sit by the wood fire on the patio on some of our cool New England nights.

 The "dots" are addicting...This is where you get the most "bang for your buck" using Kaffe Fassett fabrics. One fat quarter or 5" square gives you such variety of color~
As I move along with my Wonky Basket quilt and steer off the course with my misaligned borders I realize that life is like that right? At this time in my life I don't linger over mismatched corners...I simply add a dot~they are so cute that you forget about the rest...
like my dots in my life~

 Bright eyes...bushy tail....ready for a big day of squirrels and neighborhood dogs~


  1. I love your dots too!! Make that LOVE your dots!! :o))

  2. Some really great custom quilting on that top and love your work....looks like you were having fun...


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