Friday, December 27, 2013

Baby boy clothes, planes and stars~ Etsy order for a special little man~♥

All these little pennants made from very special baby boy clothes~My Blankie

A quilt for baby boy AND Mom I'm thinking~♥ Check out the Etsy shop above to place an order for your special little memory quilt~ I will post the finished quilt for you!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Off to California!!

Oh how I would LOVE this quilt hanging in my family room this winter~♥ What a beautiful and whimsical quilt all done up in MY colors~♥ 

Off it travels to California to one of my favorite quilters~♥
I took some pictures in all kinds of lighting so you can appreciate the applique and thread texture~

 I cant stand the cuteness of these birds with reindeer antlers...

 safe travels....


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Snowstorm quilting~♥ Millie watching for flakes~

Every little birdhouse needs some new branches~♥

 Peppermint candy corners~

 Sitting pretty~

 Lovely branches~

 Simple green swirls on green background~the applique stitches are amazingly tiny Cali girl!

 I don't do straight lines...for some reason...ever~ Love this gingham~

Watching for snowflakes~
Shes not very good at her post~haha....

Its just beginning to snow here in MA. It's almost half past dark~♥ a few more stitches....

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Finally back to the drawing board~♥ Cali quilt~

After a MOST lovely Thanksgiving I was knocked off my feet by not the flu but a close relative I'm thinking~ of the flu I mean...haha..
I am LOVING this whimsical quilt from Cali~I quilted till the sun went down~half past dark I had to shut it down but will be back at play first thing tomorrow~ another fabulous quilt that will join a collection soon!

 I have some whimsical ideas for these little birds....

 I call these my "BiG BoTToM GiRlS"

 The border was crying out for tiny holly~I'm just sayin.....

half past dark.....see you tomorrow~♥