Wednesday, January 30, 2013

ThAnK GoOdNeSs FoR ApPliqUe!

I had a VERY nice visit with the owners of the Charlton sewing Center yesterday as they came as promised to set up my new long arm quilting machine~It feels good to fill that big empty room with a quilting  machine again! ( Too cloudy today for pictures..)

I cannot wait till this newly repaired knee can tolerate a few minutes of thread play~

In the meantime I have at least a half million projects I can entertain myself with including a search for just the right quilt to auction for a Cancer Walk Fundraiser in the Spring~My friend is walking so the LEAST I can do is make a pretty quilt~write some words of love into it for the special winner~

A public shout out to my friend Maryellen for raising money and raising HOPE!

 This is my project that entertains me thoroughly in my sewing room~Prim quilts are by far my very favorite~

 Freezer paper~remember to place rt and left facing onto the right side of the fabric....

 This will be mine......will someone please remind me...if you see a post about it going somewhere...♥

Millie enjoying the last of the snow before the fog came and ate it up!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

"Loves long walks......"

Millie is looking at me and thinking about the AD she answered one year ago..."Loves long walks," it said...  Millie is thinking..."Not likely while shes walking with that crutch....this better be a small hitch.....I do like that woodstove, the 
treats and this lounging around thing...." "Time for a nap."


Thursday, January 24, 2013


I am ONE WEEK out of surgery and getting stronger every day~Thank you MGH for repairing this old broads knee~ It always amazes me how the body heals itself even after 60 years of wear and tear..... I am up and about~made an appointment just this morning to have my new AVANTE set up next Tuesday!!! Whoo! Hoo! I will have some warm inside days to figure out the new bells and whistles...In the meantime I am spoiled by my family with great suppers and icepacks~woodstove warmth~great books and better company~I have no new projects to share only good news for today~Thank you to all my bloggy friends for your e-mails and comments of love and support~♥E

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bump in the road~hooking~lesson on PATIENCE~

My HQ16 has been SOLD and taken to her new home~to a newly retired nurse full of excitement and dreams of longarmed goodness! My room looks very odd without my new machine yet set up.....patience....

I am starting my new year with a BIG lesson with PATIENCE ~I was having a wonderful time on Christmas day in Connecticut and had a fun ride home with lots of laughs with my husband and when it was time to hop out of the truck my left knee would not straighten.....I have a tear in the meniscus and will have surgery this Friday~I am in good hands and look forward to getting back on my feet!

St Patrick guarding the winter crop~♥

 My five house~any color I fun!

 My new best friend~we are getting closer every day......btw has EVERYONE but me heard Rumer sing? She has a clear beautiful voice and she is my new favorite!

 My new empty (sort of..) space. Do not enlarge~you will see dust bunnies...risky business enlarging photos~

In the meantime I have found Rumer and have 5 houses to hook and the BEST kids and husband a gal could wish for~so the lesson is mine to be patient and to let the week play out while I play in the house.....chair.....♥

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Millie doing her morning laps around the yard in her new snow~

 Me loving my new Deanne Fitzpatrick design~a perfect week for hooking!~

 Some new fabric on my porch~ A valentine for a special little girl~ (Pam Kitty Love by Pam Kitty Morning for Lakehouse Dry Goods)

more hooking~

 "I don't feel the cold!!" This is AWESOME!!

 "This is nice too...."

This color....that color? Lights on? why not......