From one Crafter to another~

A little Tuesday story~

A few years back I happened to see a post from a young woman who was selling her beautiful stained glass stars in her Etsy shop ~ The glass stars were beautiful but more importantly this was a girl who grew up right next door to us and was a wonderful friend to all of my kids~The D's and the G's~like peanut butter and jelly~

always good~

So I mentioned how much I loved her artwork and lo and behold ON MY PORCH a few days later was a turquoise star with a beautiful note "from one crafter to another" 

I knew at that moment that SOMEDAY....someday I would make her a quilt and deliver it to her door by post when she least expected it.

Time went by~I ordered more stars from her shop....especially the little for each grandchild~and again more little stars to light up a dear friends holiday....the quilt was always at the back of my mind~

And then along came Miss Lucy~this beautiful little munchie girl that our friend and her husband adopted~Oh! This was going to be perfect!

From one crafter to another~♥


  1. i love this quilt..................mmmm...theresa x

  2. What a treasure, a gift when one least expects it! I too love the hearts and thoughts to this quilty gift...and her stars are beautiful ~


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