A Hen from New England~

The other day I was browsing on Ebay and found this VERY cute rug up for auction and decided to bid....
The thing that caught my attention was the flag that this particular hooker decided to use...I was familiar with the chicken design but had never seen this flag~
I researched the flag and discovered that it represented which was once the Flag of New England~the auction was from Iowa so I sent them a question~"Can you tell me more about the woman who hooked this rug"
Sure enough she was from Maine~
So home it came....I will find a proper place for this little hen from my neck of the woods~♥

 I have a heart quilt to bind today...my favorite part~

 We had a nice Easter in Maine~ Nubble Light never gets old......lots of sniffs and new friends for Millie!


  1. That rug is very cute, I love chickens! I have been busy making jewelry, but will measure up my quilt(s) and see about adding myself (quilt top) to your list to be quilted. Stop by and see my latest jewelry creations.

  2. I just love your Hen rug with the Maine flag ! SO cute ! What search in Ebay did you use to find this kind of rug ? Hooked rug ? Your heart quilt came out adorable ! Your quilting is just wonderful :-D Beautiful picture of the lighthouse & Millie


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