Thursday, July 26, 2012

A perfect day for quilting~♥ and reading....and Downton Abbey~

How can we go wrong with Kaffe Fassett fabrics? This is such a K00L quilt Fran~♥

And MORE inspiration~I am taking my time reading Deannes books~she has s0 much to say and I am listening.......
As for the Downton Abby~what is there to say? Pure rainy day bliss.....

 This is Millie in the morning after she has eaten...she turns her back and sits waiting for me to take her for a walk.....can you imagine? No barking~just a silent reminder.....she cracks me up.....♥

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"He who laughs~lasts" Mary Poole

Lots to do before the fair but there is always time for inspiration......

I have really fallen for Deanne Fitpatricks blog and along with her and Doris Eaton I was reminded to "draw what I live" for the designs for my rugs~ 
Deanne says,"Don't let anyone tell you how to use your hands" 
As a quilter and rug hooker I think sometimes I get so caught up in the designers around me that I forgot to look inside for my best ideas ~Deanne reminded me..

Doris Eaton has a wonderful tutorial on YouTube for her "new" way of finishing a rug~It is really wonderful~And while you are there check out Deanne Fitzpatricks videos t00!!  
 Frans beauty for one of her grand~daughters...
" reminders" remain close to the quilt~
Millie is missing Maggie today~these two are so in touch in a dog sort of way that intrigues me...Maggie has to stay quiet for this week after her surgery and Millie keeps her eye on her..♥

Maggie is still a little "snowed" from her meds.....poor darlin'

Friday, July 13, 2012

A Queens life~

My grand~daughter Kate is spending her first week (many to follow according to her schedule) with her Nana E and we are busy getting ready for our fair in Maine this August~ Kate has learned to cut wool and she is busy bundling up strips of 100 pieces of wool to sell at the fair~I told her she can keep all of the money from her hard work ...♥

We are making more signs and bundles of hand dyes wool along with vintage pillows, hooking equipment, books and all sorts of treats! 

Kate is also drawing her first rug-hooking story on linen called "Digging clams with Papa" to remember her early mornings on Martha's Vineyard with just her and her grandfather doing one of her favorite things~♥ She is a fast learner and I think I have a hooking friend for life.. 

Kate and I were sitting in the family room last night and she said to me,"Nana, you have the life of a Queen~I'm just telling you what I see.." I said,"Thanks Kate ~I completely agree and I can thank your grandfather for  that!"  

 If you have a moment go visit Deanne Fitzpatrick in Amherst Nova Scotia
 She has a beautifully written blog and a wonderful store for all things wool~

Sunday, July 1, 2012

First Sunday in July

This first Sunday in July has landed like a HOLY DAY after a very busy and blessed month of June. This morning will be nice hot coffee, breakfast and papers with my hubby (we call that church in our house..)
Here are some pictures of June.....
This is truly a "boy and his dog" picture~♥ Millie loves the kids

Another of Nate and Isabel and co.

Two dogs are harder and easier than one~all at the same time..

My favorite time by far is with my two new baby boys~♥♥  Minnie Vinnie

Mr. B (Beckett) SO SWEET!!
yesterday we had a BLOW-OUT yardsale and saw old friends and new and made $625.00 and the kicker is......IT IS ALL OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!!!  WHOOPEE!!

 Sr. Arlenes quilt on its last path~the backing was 2 inches shy.........(to all the quilters reading know what that means...) I had two choices~jump in a river.....OR fix I fixed it...It will be mailed out TOUTE SUITE!!!!