Friday, March 30, 2012

WINNER for the Quilt Kit and ongoing lessons.....oh my...

Judy C. from Black Cat Quilting is the winner of the Cottage Creek quilt kit~stop by and visit Judy at ! Thank You for all who participated and DO KNOW that I am still cleaning!! There will be more goodies soon~♥

Late night sewing room binding and American Idol watching.....

 Working on my wool stash....the root cause of my de-stashing~
 Pay attention Eileen....
 This is the quilt I am putting on my frame this morning~(will iron first) A very pretty hand embroidered quilt with soft flannel frames~

 And HERE is the lesson.......just when I thought I was in the clear....another off white backing to make me check~check~check the underside for any character flaws.......It is far better to check as you go then to find a whole row of OH MY GOSH waiting for reverse quilting! Wish me luck~♥

 Thank goodness the girls are fast friends now and entertain themselves in a variety of ways while I work in my quilting room~ This is a view out of the window as I quilt~♥♥

Monday, March 26, 2012

Some pictures of the Queen~oh on to the hand sewn binding~♥

This ENORMOUS quilt is finally off the rack~lol! I am binding it with the machine tonight on one side and will hand sew the other side~ It's interesting how you can spend so much time quilting a quilt like this and the front does not tell the story at all~ it is a complete story on the back! For all the machine quilters who follow me you know how fickle it is to quilt a quilt with a backing that shows EVERYTHING! 
The only good thing about this "situation" is that it forces me to do it better~slow down~check..check....check...the underside! Oh my.....

 I will take this Queen out to the porch when I have it binded to get a better shot of the front~

 Here are my two girls waiting patiently for me to give them a treat~a scratch~some kind of lovin'!
 Where IS she? says Millie Vanilly~♥

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Saturday morning WINNER and another " I'm cleaning out my sewing room " GIVE~AWAY!

It  is a beautiful day here in New England~dogs are fed and outside playing~Himself and I sitting with cups of hot coffee talking about our fun supper last night with the" kids" and their kids....5 of seven grandchildren at the table eating chicken pie and Grampys famous mashed potatoes~Two very pregnant Moms relaxing on the couch~new stories, new cars and new babies the topics this week~ Lots of "in and out" and door slamming while we all enjoy the longer daylight~♥

"By the way", I ask my husband,"pick a number between one and twelve."

He chooses number 3!! Number 3 is Angela from and she is the WINNER of the fat quarters this week! I will be e-mailing her today for her address~♥

I have ANOTHER GOODIE if anyone is interested~ This is a quilt kit called "Be Thankful" and is designed by Pam Puyleart for her "Backdoor Quilt Series" It is from Cottage Creek Quilts~pattern included of course!

Just leave me a comment if you are interested in the little door quilt and I will choose a WINNER by Friday!

 Her is our little "Millie Vanilly" parking herself in "my" spot~lol! How could I ever make her move over?
                                                Have a great weekend my friends!

Monday, March 19, 2012

We have a WINNER and another "I'm organizing my sewing room" GIVEAWAY!!

The WINNER of the "Machingers is #5 "Happy Cottage Quilter" picked by my grand daughter who stopped by for a visit last night~♥ You can visit this terrific quilter on her blog!

All is well on the western front with Millie and Maggie~both sleeping soundly at night so we can all be at the
 ready for whatever the day brings~ I must say that the weather has been FANTASTIC here in New England and for that I am grateful~while these two girls play outside I can get to my quilting.

This is a picture from yesterday~I started up the vacuum cleaner and Millie hopped up onto the patients lap~Ron had a cold pack and a warm pack all at the same time~♥  Sandra asked what type of dog Maggie and Millie were~They are Australian Labradoodles~

So while organizing my sewing room I am coming across some really pretty "I'm never going to use" fabric so I want to make it available for my friends in blogland~ If you are interested please leave a comment and I will choose someone this week and ship it out! Eight fat quarters of yummy Moda fabric~FREE!!!

Also I have added some more fabric in Ebay~I have to figure out how to link everyone to my sales.....hmmmm. My user name is "eileenaroon" and I think that will get you to my items...let me know~♥

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Millie Vanilly has arrived~♥

The arrival........

Millie trying out her new bed~

 This mornings' episode of "Who's the Boss"
 Who cares~I have your bed AND your!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A quick GIVE~AWAY, working on "Scoops" for my two grandsons coming soon~getting ready for "Millie"~almost finished with the "QUEEN" on my frame~♥

I am loving this chance to do two "Scoop" quilts again...Three scoops for one grandson and one scoop for the other~♥♥
 Important things for Millie~♥ We are picking her up on Saturday morning.....
 Would anyone out there in blogland like these "Machingers"? They are new and never used~please leave me a comment and a way to reach you for an address and I will pick a random name by Sunday night and mail them out!! In and around all my daily "work" I am cleaning out my sewing room~I will post more "quickies" soon!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Quilting~new puppy shopping~drawing~hookin'~knee fixin'

Maggie has some news~she is having a litter due in May~the handsome sire is Fender and you can find him at 
While we were waiting for Maggie we visited with "Millie" our newest pup who will be coming home next week~She is also a guardian dog from and will have a breeding future when she is a bit older~ For now she will have a wonderful time bouncing around with Maggie~ I will post pictures as soon as I get them! 

(Millie was the name of my aunts very best friend in life so I thought Maggie should have a Millie in her life...)

 My patterns are selling well on Ebay and I have been busy drawing some new designs~We are drawing a series called "The Cats in their Hats"

 Wool has also for sale on Ebay~we are busy sorting and measuring our "wool to keep" and "wool to sell"

Customer quilts in progress....

Putting the zigzag on an order~

and last but not least a little TLC for my husbands knee surgery this week~I am so happy that he is on this side of it!