Strawberry Prayer Rug~

This little rug is FULL of color and light and love and prayers~drawn and hooked by "MOI" Inspired by a rug hooked by Doris Eaton~

 If you have a lot of odds and ends "worms" this is a PeRfEcT project!

The background is called a "relaxed black" background which is achieved by mixing all your very darkest wools into the dye pot and then adding black dye. The results give you a beautiful dark background that has some movement with many many  shades of " black". These brights and black are a nice combo, eh?

 Initials~I should have hooked the date but my hand was soooooooo TiReD!


  1. This rug is wonderful!!! I have so many worms left over from just two rugs. Guess I need to learn not to cut so many at a time.
    You did a great job hooking!

  2. Oh, Eileen - I LOVE this rug!! I've never hooked a rug but this one might give me pause to think about doing one!! :-))

  3. It's an amazing rug. I just love all the colours.

  4. Love all the color in this rug!!! Amazing!!!


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