Witches Gathering Quilt~ ThReAd PlAy

Cindys pretty autumn quilt ready for mailing!! Her quilts are folksy and prim~just my style~This would look very nice hanging in my home......thanks Cindy for letting me "play with thread" on your beautiful work~♥


  1. I like the witches green face and hands. Nice quilting.

  2. A fun and festive quilt paired with the perfect quilting.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  3. What a great prim quilt ! Your quilting is just perfect !

  4. It does look like you had fun playing with thread on this one - I like it a lot! Silly me, I sit here and trace your quilting lines on my computer screen. You can see I have a problem, don't you? I have the quilting bug.

  5. Oh this is just too cute!!! Do you know who the pattern is by? Your quilting is the perfect touch for it. :)

    1. Pattern is by Country Threads (Witches #464)

      I arrived home today from vacation and found the quilt in my mailbox. Eileen did a beautiful job with the quilting. She is so creative with her stitches.

  6. Love the quilt...and the quilting! Beautiful.

  7. Beautiful, the quilt and the stitching!

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