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Here is a wonderful "new" magazine that is FULL of beautiful pictures and stories to inspire all of us~♥ They also have a blog where I found Kylee Mae featured in a back issue~she also has an Etsy store that I visited and bought "the" bag I saw in the FOLK magazine~

New bags are far and few between for me...I find one and I keep it forever. When I find a new bag it happens just like this~my eyes recognize a new bag like a long lost friend and it makes its way into the line-up...
I am waiting patiently for this new magazine to come to my mailbox....I discontinued two other quilting magazines in an effort of self control....

What I really want is one of those caramel apples..I would have to eat that leaf so no caramel would be

 Here is my bag as it arrived with Kylees wonderful sticker and card~

 I love the mailman~I mean mail......

 And here is the beautiful bag! Inside and out~BEAUTIFUL! Upcycled feedsack material with a gorgeous silky lining ~ plenty of pockets and a pretty key fob~ Thank you Kylee Mae!


  1. Thanks so much for including me in your blog. So glad you liked your bag!


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