"Storming the gates of heaven..."

So PRETTY!~This is  a wedding quilt made by Sister Arlene and so here I go with lots of ideas and drawings....some make the cut and some are filed away for another quilt......lots of time at the thread bar~should it be light or dark~the backing is light pink so I considered a pale pink that would very simply show the quilting design on the back but I thought it would distract from the front....

 I chose a slightly varigated purple Kings Tut thread that I have had good luck with in the past.....It will compliment the top without taking over the design BUT as I have shared before on my blog the stitching on the back will tell all sins......

Sister Arlene said she is "storming the gates of heaven with prayers" for my family so I am feeling some unexpected courage....♥  Let us pray......

 Some (faded) graffitti I wrote in my quilting room when I left nursing 6 years ago and started quilting....

My thread bar....It is the hardest thing to keep in stock the color that will"sing" to the fabric.......


  1. I like the idea of using chalk to mark your quilt.....just being able to draw with it. I might have to try that myself.
    Loving that purple!!!

  2. It will be gorgeous, whatever you choose!
    I love the grafitti on your wall!

  3. I too love the chalk markings on the quilt. You do such a great job. You must have made the right choice 6 years ago by choosing quilting. JB


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