Quilting? What quilting? Time out for family blessings~♥

We celebrated a wonderful fortieth anniversery with our kids and our grandchildren yesterday! Vincent was certainly the main event for all his cousins! We had a nice long rock on the porch and caught up on all that in new since he arrived 6 weeks ago....He has been to the ocean~he has been to Kimballs 3x~he has been to the zoo~he has been to another cousins baby shower~today Nana E's and Grampys 40th~he gets around this little guy.......
AND the frosting on this cake of a day was the arrival of James Beckett (grandchild #9)just a couple of hours after the party ended~was it the lasagna?the sangria? His brother Nathan said, "He came today Nana because it was his birthday" And that my friends is the answer....the children know don't they?

 Best friends~
 My gang~♥
 We had a nice visit today my little Vinnie~♥
Vinnies new best friend!!! 
Welcome to the family James Beckett!


  1. awesome family pics. thanks for sharing and congrats on #9!

  2. I so love Nathan's reply. So perfect. We are coming up on year 39 :-) So we are right behind you.

  3. What an awesome weekend you had Eileen, gorgeous pictures! Congratulations on your anniversary, 42 for us this Sept, not quite sure how that one happened so quick...hehe!! Gorgeous new little one, congrats there too, can't wait for our new two to hatch although we still have a while to wait. I have to get stuck into some baby quilts now, wish we were closer so you could work your magic on them...

  4. Beautiful cake! Congratulations on all counts! Ah, the joys of a growing crowd of grandchildren! Just lovely!

  5. Wow!! congratulations on such a great anniversary and so many beautiful grandchildren!

  6. Big congratulations on your newest boy. I saw his pic on fb and wondered if this was the new one. He looks just as adorable as all the others.


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