On my Quilting Frame~my dog~Everone's dog Wilf ~♥

Here is a master quilters quilt~another beauty from Kathleen who has been waiting more than patiently for its completion! I am mesmerized by the perfect applique~the curves~the beautiful embroidered vines~her tiny stitches!! She could be a plastic surgeon! I am SO carefully making my way around her beautiful work and loving every minute~♥
This is a photo of early morning today~it looks like a beautiful weekend!

 Millie chillin' in her new favorite spot~

And a sad farewell to our little "Wilf" whose journey came to a gentle end with his family in France~♥ If you have a moment tale a peek at www.wilfanddigby.blogspot.com and leave a word for Angus and the Font who adored him..


  1. Sorry about the big dog passing. I haven't been following that blog so I don't quite get what it was all about except he lived in France.

    What a pretty applique quilt. My favourite kind of quilt. Have a great weekend Robin. JB

  2. Hi, thank you for the peek into a well written dog lover's blog, it touched my heart. We love our fur babies, too. What a wonderful view you have on your frame, and out your window. Have a blessed week ~


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