New items for sale! Rug Hooking Frame~Wool~

For sale~ Rug Hooking stand~BRAND NEW octagonal 360 degree swivel stand for rug hookers~adjustable and collapsible for easy storage or transport~it comes with a cotton "bonnet" to protect your rug hooking project! 

Price is $135.00 with FREE shipping~I will list it on Etsy tonite~♥ SOLD!!

 Ready to use soft felted wool for your rug hooking projects or woolen applique~brick red~chocolate brown and ash rose~ fat quarter pieces sold individually or in a set of four ~$8.00 ea. or 4/$25.00~on my ETSY site later!

 Millie~waiting for the rain to stop outside...poor thing~she has no!


  1. Congratulations on the new addition to your family. Millie looks so sad!! Its amazing how they can make us feel sorry for them!!!! My little chap, Zach always looks so hangdog!! But he does get a little bullied by his bigger sister Raffi, the brown woolly one. You must really miss Maggie....

  2. Hi I was wondering what kind of dog Millie is and does she shed? She is beautiful! Thanks debra kallen


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