"Waiting for the Drop"

 Working on a pattern called,"Waiting for the Drop" I love hooking chickens~actually these little vinnettes picture stories~haha, are very fun to hook! Just enough to fit in a busy week~

 Emma (big E) was here yesterday to spend some fun time between end of school day and dancing school~our theme for our 50/50 was, "what people leave at the beach..." She is very intense while painting~Sometimes she draws and I fill then sometimes I draw and she fills~she is doing more drawing AND filling and I just watch.....she will say,"C'mon Nana E!" (could I fit anything more on the table? yikes..)

 "We" paint then outline.......all her ideas....

 Maggie waits patiently for more treats...Emma and I stop by the corner store every Thursday to buy a snack and while we are there we buy Maggie a home~made dog biscuit the owner of the shop bakes.They come in all flavors but peanut butter is her favorite~♥


  1. I also like to encourage my granddaughter to be creative. Emma is doing a wonderful job there! (Maggie's expression cracks me up!)

  2. I love how Emma approaches her art. painting then outlining. Makes sense to me. That's how I love to do it too. I think that I would like a peanut butter dog biscuit too right now. JB

  3. Forgot to mention that I like the chicken rug t. JBoo

  4. I love Emma's picture!! They would be so cute framed! : ) I love the theme too! So talented!

  5. It looks like Emma has inherited your talent for all things crafty. I love the idea of buying a dog biscuit whilst out walking.


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