Monday, December 26, 2011

200th Follower celebratory Give~Away!!!!

When I first began this blog I could not believe I could ever get a follower never mind now over 200!!

As all of you who blog know~blogging friends are the best~they inspire me everyday with big things and little things and sometimes with just a moment captured in a photo~Thank you to all who share your time with me and do know that I never take you for granted~♥

This give~away is SIMPLE ~just leave a comment and I will pick a random number on New Years day~♥

I have chosen 6 red velvet strawberries with woolie caps~A handmade cotton heart~A sweet tall Annie with her vintage dress, her party shoes and ruffled ankle socks ( all made by moi....) and a Moda pack of Mary Englebreits "Recipe for Friendship".

Happy New Year my friends~♥

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Saved by Love~a proper re~post of true friends....

Twenty two years ago a quilting friend gave me a gift that helped to "lift me up and over" a very hard time.

While our family was at church on Christmas Eve in 1989, little did we know that we were losing our home, our pets and everything but the clothes we were wearing to church that night, in a house fire.

My husband and I checked into a hotel that Christmas Eve with our three children, to begin the hard work of sorting out the details of our unexpected new life.

My dear friend came over with this quilt that she had just made and had hung on HER wall for the holidays. She took it down from her wall and brought it to us at the hotel.

 She said she wanted our family to have a tree when we woke up Christmas morning.

I love my friend and I love this quilt and what it represents to me each time I bring it out for the holidays~ It has never hung on a wall because it is always wrapped around one of us~

As we all know, quilting is more than fabric and thread...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New threads and such.........♥

 I ordered some "new" thread highly recommended by Karen McTavish to try on my next quilt~she has some major claims regarding a beautiful look PLUS never EVER any tension problems when used in combination with the pre-filled bobbins~ I have never used a prefill bobbin before so I am simply excited about the prospect of never having to wind a bobbin again~can you imagine? and no tension problems~EVER~I can't stand it.....I will let you know..`♥  How pretty is her set?

I am still sneaking into my machine quilting room any chance I get....Frans beauty....IT's COMING FRAN!!!! lol!

 Mags this morning after a nice romp~

 Love this magazine........Wool Street Journal......
 It is Santa Tuesday......lots to do....have a great day everyone~♥E

Monday, December 19, 2011

morning....♥ and a Fraser cutter for sale!

This is a used Fraser cutter that is looking for a new home~♥she has a long life ahead of her as she is in excellent condition! She does NOT include a wheel my friends~new on my Etsy site today~♥E

Whenever I feel like I have a little too much on my plate that is usually when I begin a new project~why? I have no idea but it works every time....once the project has some wings to it then I can get back to all that waits for me........It is so very nice to see the sun again 'round here....♥

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

PrEtTy ViNtAgE OrNiEs~

Here are some very pretty strawberry ornies made from an upcycled quilt from long can see the tiny hand stitches made by a patient quilter back in her day~ I topped them with some hand-dyed wool caps and will add some coffee stained lace and vintage buttons for hanging~♥

 The buy of the weekend~6 pkgs of beautiful embroidery thread~$1.00 each!
 Pricing and list making...