L0ve me some signs......♥

It is TIME for me to wash up and go into my quilting room...A quilter should NOT be a painter....♥


  1. They are going to fly!!! out of your nook!! : )
    They are adorable!!

  2. I love your signs Robin. Sure quilters can be painters, not at the same time of course. You do lovely work. JB

  3. Those signs are wonderful Eileen!
    Looking forward to visiting your nook!

  4. I love theses signs, especially the one from Pooh. Never saw that before. It is so true!

  5. I just stumbled across your blog today. Lots of fun and neat stuff! I love your signs. Are you selling them? (I'm not sure what the others mean by visitng your nook.) Would you mind telling me how you paint lettering? Does it take a special paintbrush, stencils, etc.?


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