The in between time~

Busy time getting ready to stock the shop this weekend with "goodies"!! I will be sure to post some pics..:) In the meantime in between all the hustle and bustle I have finally completed my "Laura Ashley" inspired blanket for my bed~ of course I will do a complete dust-up in my room before I bring this little treasure onto the will be my reward~I still need to reward myself...oh my....I am working on a very pretty black red and white quilt soon to be delivered....♥


  1. What a beautiful afghan! I used to make tons of them, but haven't had my crochet hooks out in years. These colors are perfect!!!

  2. Beautiful! Love Laura Ashley! Kathy

  3. Such gorgeous color combination. Wish I had more patience to give it a try, it is very pretty!
    Have a happy start to the new week xx

  4. Hello Robin, I love this blanket, the colours are so sweet. I want this for me! See you soon... Mari

  5. I Love it ! love the colors
    Lots of patience~~~~~~~~
    I don't think I could tackle one like it.
    Much impressed <3
    have to learn how to make a heart

  6. Every time I think I don't like pink, I run across something as beautiful as this crochet's lovely!

  7. I haven't made an afghan in years but this one makes me think I should! blessings, marlene


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