Saturday, May 29, 2010

This book, this book THIS BOOK!!!!!!

I purchased this new book "Country Inn" at "my" quilt shop yesterday~ and I cannot put it down!!!
FIRST of all the quilts!!! Stunning!!!! Large applique blocks full of  primitive flowers cut from Garden Party (Moda), from Rouenneries (Moda), and from Warm and Loved series by Jeanne Horton for Windham fabrics`
I am a huge fan of the quilt named "Bachelor Buttons" and would buy the KIT from Donna tomorrow if she would agree!!! (hint,hint) How many other "Crows" do we have that would like a kit from the book Country Inn? I will place a request on the Facebook page~
Take a peek at the beautiful photos inside this masterpiece~oh and by the way, Barb Adams abd Alma Adams of Blackbird designs take you on a trip to a B&B and share photos and recipes for yummy breakfast treats! HELLLLLOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! And ,I almost forgot the new shirtings fabric at the shop~they were the reason I took a trip in the first place~go to the quilt shop for one thing and bring home the kitchen sink! lol!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sweet scallops and Brendas' Bloomers

It was cool and warm all at the same time by the ocean in Maine yesterday~very pretty and relaxing.....We had to stop by at Brendas' Bloomers to peek at her new birdhouses~and bring one home.....which one was the dilemma~ I wanted them all! Brenda did our daughter Lauras' flowers for her wedding in York, Maine and we are still talking about them~ Laura picked 4-5-06 for her wedding  at Nubble light and it was snowing sideways that day which made the it all the more special~ If anyone is looking for a fabulous florist for a Maine wedding Brenda is your girl~ check out her website at

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thankful Thursday~ L0ve is...

 Photo of  my grandmunchies taken at Matt and Sandys' wedding reception~ enough said.....The sprinkler system came on right in the middle of dinner at the neighbors' home and it was the highlight of the day for these little guys!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesdays" with Maggie~

Maggie and I took a ride to the LaundroMutt today and spruced up for obedience class tonite! If we can't be the best performer tonite of new tricks then maybe we can be the sweetest smelling!! lol!! Maggie looks like she is telling me "I'm TRYING!!!!!" and "Are you bringing those homemade chicken treats tonite??"It's only the 2nd class after all~

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happiness Quilt ♥

We had such a wonderful day yesterday with my son and his new wife.....It is always a treat to add new family members~ and to top it off I had such a nice chat with Sandys' mom~ I think we have s0 much in common at this time in our lives with grown kids and grands~ now we are trying to figure out the next step in our lives~ We laughed and cried and had some wine and shared war stories~ Its' all good...
Here is a photo my son took this morning of the quilt I made for them~already on the bed...l0ve it!!!! ♥

Friday, May 14, 2010

Another chapter to celebrate!!

You never know where love will find you~ We are s0 excited to celebrate the wedding of my son Matt and his wife Sandy tomorrow at their home~ White tents, flowers, family, music, children and sunshine!! We l0ve you both and wish you a lifetime of happiness!        ♥Mom and Dad

Thursday, May 13, 2010

All the way home.....

I am delighted that "our" quilt made all the way to Australia along with little Tara with her nutcracker bloomers~ Check out Sues' blog at and introduce yourself to my friend 12,0000 miles away~