Quilting lessons ♥ great book.....

Words from the author...

" Gradually over the past few months, the desk and writing table have grown dusty and lifeless, while the other side of the room has been transformed into a quilt studio. Here, my stacks of fabric comfort me. Sorted and piled according to color, they await my touch to animate them, turn them into the controlled chaos of what I call my "Serendipity quilts." Here the only language is color and pattern....I am in the sixth month of my quilting depression...I don't answer the phone or the door bell. My job is all-day, intensive color and pattern therapy. I am piecing for cover. I am quilting to save my life."
.........The word, "depression" evokes a picture of extreme lassitude; unwashed hair, unmade bed , physical stasis. My depression wasn't like that. It involved a shut down of my normal daily life of a prolific historian of American Indian Art and an unfurling of a new part of me.
Sort of a Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Patchwork."

This book is a must read for all......♥


  1. Oh, I'm glad that your talking of a book and not yourself.. Thanks for sharing. I wonder if I read it, if I would get back to my abandoned quilt on the rack. I started it about a couple of years ago and used to sit there for hours and spend all my spare time at it then I got to hooking, reading Rug Hooking Daily and now blogging and my poor quilt lays lifeless on the king size frame that was ordered especially to make that quilt. JB

  2. Interesting quotes you've shared today. I would like to read it, too.


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