Holiday fun~

Christmas concert with my shy grandchildren~there is Tara waving at us~"l0ves being on the stage" ♥

Kate waiting for her group to sing...♥

Danny l00king for his "people" ♥

Tara having a cupcake party in her classroom...♥

These tiles were drawn by the schoolchildren and added to the design of the new wing...they are MAGICAL!!!!

Kate sleeping over for a few days of sewing and chillin' ♥ She asked me, "Nana were you born in the 1900's?" oh my.....


  1. Eileen, your granddaughter is adorable. It's so much fun seeing them perform on stage. I just love seeing my grand kids's concerts. The face drawing are awesome. She looks like a little princess in that big bed. I hope that you were born in the 1900's. too cute... JB

  2. Love all these pictures!!
    Kate looks snug as a bug! : )

  3. Thanks for sharing...loved it!!

  4. Lucky girl~~~~~~~~ Lucky grandma!
    love those tiles, very creative
    Love Grandie

  5. Gorgeous grandie shots and those tiles are awesome. A sleepover in that cosy bed would be fabulous. Kate looks as snug as a bug.

  6. What beautiful bedroom furniture you have!!
    I can tell you love being a Gma. Your photos make me feel like nagging my daughters to 'hurry it up, already'!! Giggle.


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