MQX in Providence RI.~

I am just back from the machine Quilters Expo in Rhode Island~s0 much fun meeting machine quilters from all over the world....great classes with Sue Patten ,( more on Sue tomorrow..) Karen McTavish and Pam Clarke~ I wanted to share some of the quilts from the show and some of my favorite vendors....


  1. My sister Judy it there right now, I will join her tomorrow, for a class on Saturday. I noticed that Pickering Farms is one of the vendors, I love that shop! Have you ever been there? it's in New Hampshire and well worth the trip.

  2. To bad I didn't know you were there, and so darn close to me to. I think thats me in the white sweater, at the Pickering booth.
    and funnier yet, that my sister Patty posted here saying that I am here. Lol, we need to coordinated our schedules next time, would have love to have met you in person.

  3. Wow, those are amazing and so inspirational. Thanks for sharing the photos.


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