M0ndays' with Maggie~

Maggie and I took a field trip to tw0 of our favorite spots~"Idylewilde Farm" and of course our little "Springbrook Farm"

We went out to stock up on salads and fruit and of course came home with two tables and a l0vely little footstool~ oh and some really sweet smelling soap and cleaning spray.....oh and some really delicious turkey noodle soup....

Now I must get into my quilting room and d0 some stitchin".....and Maggie remember "what happens in E's Jeep stays in E's Jeep..." lol`   ( like speeding warnings and such......ahem!!!)


  1. No you didn't... speeding with your fur baby in the car?!

  2. From the pictures, those look like incredible places to visit....I'd be overwhelmed with all that eye candy everywhere!

  3. Gorgeous pics, I feel like I've been along with you. Did Maggie enjoy the fast drive?

  4. I consider myself "notified" !! ( and mortified..) And I promise to watch my speed~

  5. Thanks Eileen for the trip to Idylewilde Farm! I needed this mental vacation after my vacation! : )


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