Friday, October 30, 2009

getting ready for winter~

At our last breakfast club meeting at The Quilted Crow in Boxborough Ma.,another gal named Eileen brought THIS quilt for show and tell~ It was magnificent! It is called Trick or Treat and has 291 baskets of cheddar, blacks, and a variety of earth tones. I am never drawn to earth tones and quite frankly not drawn to halloween (except for the chocolate)but for some reason I L0VED this quilt.
Today I went to Candlelite Quilts for the start of some cheddars and some earthy tones~now I need some background shirting fabric...about 100 yards! LOL I traveled to Michaels craft store for some template plastic which I never use but I thought if I am tracing out 291 of anything I had better make a sturdy template~
The blocks are each 5" square...I think I have really lost it this time....
I plan to talk to Eileen at the next breakfast meeting to discuss the particulars of her wonderful quilt (I think she said it took her 3 months to complete!) I was thinking more like 3 years...I have so many questions for "Could you make another one for me?" hahaha...
I will post my progress...

One of my favorite Quilt Shops~

This little quilt shop with a BIG personality is exactly one mile from my house~Now one would think (as it is one of my favorite shops) that I would be in there every other day...seriously~
This shop is chock full of choices~not only the latest fabric lines but the gizmos and gadgets and samples galore to inspire all levels and interests~ And thats not the best part...the best part is the owner Cathy and her manager Lisa who always make you feel welcomed~ Cathys' backroom at the shop is always filled with groups of women happily working on the project of the day and solving world issues, I am sure....
Thats' really it~ this shop is a happy place~ If you need fabric or inspiration or a little bit of happiness in your day go take a peek at Candlelite Quilts!

Monday, October 26, 2009

I have a thing about bittersweet....

I really do have a problem...This farm (abandoned..) down the road has all the bittersweet one could EVER want~I am always dazzled as I stand in the field wondering where I should start...but the problem sneaks in when I have really picked enough....I can never have enough~I think of all the people who would like a wreath and I get a little more...intervention please!!

For Vincenzo from Grammy Fran~

Fran, you have once again created a beautiful quilt for one of your lil' darlins'~

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Quilt of the Day~by Granny Fran~

Thanks Moe for the wine and the Angels Tears~

My sister-in-law(she's really my swedish sister) Maureen always brings such lovely treats when she comes~a~callin'...We had such a great talk on the porch about all the worlds solutions thusfar~ just good talk and great wine~

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Shirleys' quilt and my chalk~

First I have to give myself some kind of direction~

Then off I go~

Shirley did such a beautiful job with her piecing I simply stippled~Now I have to dust off the chalk and catch my threads!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Saved by Love~

Twenty years ago a quilting friend gave me a gift that helped to "lift me up and over" a very hard time.

While our family was at church on Christmas eve 1989 we were losing our home, our pets and everything but the clothes we were wearing that night, in a house fire. My husband and I checked into a hotel that Christmas eve with our three children, to begin to sort out the details of our life.

My friend came over with this quilt that she had just made and had hung on HER wall for the holidays. She took it down from her wall and brought it to us at the hotel. She said she wanted our family to have a tree when we woke up Christmas morning.

I love my friend and I love this quilt and what it represents to me each time I bring it out for the holidays~ It has never hung on a wall because it is always wrapped around one of us~

As we all know, quilting is more than fabric and thread...

Park City Girl Festival~take a peek~click on the icon above~

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My one and only~

I have only one quilt in my collection that is hand quilted and this is it! It is called "cherry bricks", a pattern from many years ago and quilted long before I purchased my HQ~16. I must say it is my favorite, not for the colors or style but for the handwork..there is nothing like hand quilting~

Oh Lucy~ I am stlll having fun!

My grand~daughter Emma takes this afghan and puts it over her lap and says,"Not yet, E!" She is waiting for it to be big enough to cover her so she can take it home...And that, my friends, is the whole idea...

All ready for Thompson Hill~

It was S0 nice to have a piece quilted, bound and 0N season for show and tell~ I LOVE this one~ I think it will be perfect in my daughters home above her mantle in her family room~ or wherever she pleases...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Gentle Art of Domesticity by Jane Brocket

" The gentle art of domesticity is the art of the possible." Check out Janes blog, "yarnstorm"..
I borrowed this book from the library but I can see right away that it is a book that needs to be savored and owned. Or never (just kidding mom) Off to Amazon I go~