Chalk it up~

I can't imagine life without chalk~ I use it for designs and I use it for reminders so that the quilt makes perfect sense when it comes off the it goes up and around I tend to forget what the plan was...
This quilt, as the next, is black on black which has been a challenge with all the cloudy rainy days we have had in New England. I finally purchased additional lighting and "Voila!" there's the stitching...the applique on this quilt is stunning~


  1. Did you do the quilting on this? It is beautiful.

  2. Beautiful. Excellent colors, design and quilting. Love it!

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. This looks gorgeous. I love your quilting.

  4. Thanks for all of your posts~ it keeps me inspired..yes West Michigan the quilting is mine~ I try to give myself an idea of where i am headed with the chalk and then off I go!

  5. Love the quilting on this...very nice!

  6. The quilting is wonderful!


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