Hooked on Hookin'

We had a great vacation in the "Avonlea" house in Maine and I finally had a chance to really "look" at the landscape of sky and ocean, rocks and houses that Deanne Fitzpatrick has so beautifully presented in her Women and the Sea workshop. I was now more than ready to tackle my "On the Edge of a Dream" rug that has been waiting for me since last summer~
Landscape....water...sky....houses...which houses? how much water? how much land? rocks? 

We had the very best place to figure it all out.....

I took my sketches of some of my grandies so I could try and figure out the colorway and how I would translate them into wool strips...

Deanne has some really terrific classes about hooking people.....

more drawings to study....

These are my nine grandchildren with me on the cliff in Maine last summer watching the 4th of July fireworks~ As I said to my granddaughters, the drawing is of me and the children but in reality all of the parents were there as well....I would never sit on a cliff with 9 children other than in a drawing~lol...

This is the Women and the Sea project I am finishing up which was Deannes "winter" hooking class this year...a class filled with information about hooking landscape and movement.....

Party shoes.....
I finally have the correct combo of land, sea and sky so stay tuned.....xoE


  1. Oh Eileen !!! I really enjoyed all of these pictures at the sea ! So peaceful and serene . Your rug is going to be Amazing and just a family heirloom of wonderful memories of your grandchildren . Having so much fun watching your progress on this gorgeous rug !

  2. You are really catching your family in your rug. What size strips are you using?

    1. I am actually hand cutting my strips as I go but I would say the strips are a 3 on a cutter Jacqueline~

  3. What a gift you have! These are gorgeous!

  4. I did not know you could paint. I love the watercolor and the hooking is so pretty. I use to do that when I was younger, but only the ones that were already printed.


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