Every stitch is a prayer~

One year ago I made a promise to send a quilt to be raffled to Fill-A-Need Foundation.
I knew I would need a year to do it well enough~ all around and in between my busy days.

 I thought long and hard about a design and while thinking, I was busy working on my first DWR "20 Clinton St." which is a memory quilt of my grandmother.

This one Double Wedding Ring was going to be plenty in my lifetime, but I was really enjoying
the process of making a journal quilt using this new approach introduced to me by Victoria Findlay Wolfe.


 Victoria Findlay Wolfe inspired me with her videos and her book to approach the design a little differently~ mix it up...make it your own....tell your story~

I felt the same JOY when I found that all I needed for my longarm quilting style was a piece of chalk...and my imagination.

So I began with a journal quilt of my grandmother and before you know it I was ordering fabrics for Katies quilt which would be my second DWR....oh my...

Two of them now!......curved seams....a million little gradations of color....How do you quilt a DWR? How do you bind a scalloped edge?

I thought I will cross that bridge when I get to it...or jump off ..lol..

So back to the auction at Fill-A-Need..I took a good look at the colorway of the webpage and the t-shirts and the beautiful motorcycle that Orange County Choppers did for them.

Red, blue,white and yellow.

I'll plan a solid yellow to represent the Bridge and then the reds and the blues all over~
White centers so I can quilt creamy" white on white" which is my favorite and then some quotes from Temple Grandin who will be the guest speaker at the auction~

These blocks really tickle my fancy. They give me a chance to slow down and just stitch....quietly.

A minute to think about the process and Katie and all the kids that will benefit from all her hard work~

And another thing happened here in New England last year that kept me in my sewing space...


Mother of Mercy and all the Saints and the camel.......

And it just snowed and snowed...

So projects got done at Robinhill Quilts~
And today this pretty little thing is all but complete...the binding on the scalloped edge after two looks at the video on YouTube.

The only thing remaining is the label~

Going once....going twice....xoE


  1. That is a work of art. You always amaze me with you quilting.

  2. Oh wow! Such a beautiful project with so many wonderful and thoughtful touches. It will be loved dearly.

  3. Robin, it is BEAUTIFUL; very well done! That is good about snowy days...gives us the perfect excuse to stay inside.

  4. Robin, amo teu trabalho! Mesmo antes de fazer meu blog já acompanhava teu trabalho.És uma inspiração!!! Parabéns!!


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