Creating my new rug"On the Edge of a Dream"

In between and all along the edges of my busy days I am drawing out my new rug pattern and overdying some wool with a "new " formula I came across on one of my all time favorite blogs called

Our entire family had a great week in Maine this summer and the Fourth of July fireworks were enjoyed just off the cliff in the front of our home. I wanted to capture just the essence of that night with my nine grandchildren in a rug~

I have plenty of blue wool but a lot of it needs to be toned down and Rebecca showed me exactly how to do that......I had some really bright blues and when they dry completely I will show you just how this formula transformed them~ Now they are PERFECT for my Atlantic ocean~

First the sketch....

Then the transfer onto monks cloth with a sharpie and some pastel chalks~


  1. Charming... just plain charming Eileene!! Your creativity warms my heart <3

  2. It is going to look beautiful. Cannot wait to see the finish project.

  3. Looking for the patter for the Sunflower Quilt posted earlier. Would love th make it for my nephew's wedding. Thanks

  4. This is fascinating and it's going to be fabulous, Robin.


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