A call out to my QUILTY friends for scraps of cotton!!

We had such a good time yesterday working on our quilts for Craft Hope.
We had a great meeting and then a shopping spree for some backing fabric for the two quilt tops~
You can take a peek on their blog KITESKWILTZFORKIDS.blogspot.com for all the updates!
Here is a peek at the pink top!

Here is a picture of the next series of charity quilts that the girls will be creating. This is where YOU, all my Quilty friends come in! If you have a stash of scraps that my girls could use in their scrappy star quilts they would LOVE to get them in the mail from you! You can send them to KITE KWILTZ
                                                                                67 Byam Rd
                                                                               Chelmsford, MA. 01824
Please let mw know if you need help with postage! You can e-mail me at robinhillquilts@hotmail.com

I told the girls I would not open one package till we meet again! Thank you in advance for all your help!


  1. Fabulous project, lovely work. Love to see these young peeps learning the art of sewing. I'll send along a box of scraps ASAP. I have a good size box of Kaffe Fassett scraps they will love, and which have been staring at me, along with a few others.

  2. Thank you so much Angela!! The girls are very excited for the mail to arrive!! xoE

  3. Just put a box together of my scarps for the girls and I will mail them out to you in the morning

    Such a great thing the girls are doing :-D

  4. Thank you Sur, my Cali quilter! The girls will be thrilled! xo E


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