Signs of SpRiNg, ApPlIqUe, sleeping BaBiEs and MiLLiE

Mr. Vinniedoodles taking a nap for Nana E so she can sneek in some applique,,,,,
 Another year!
 I like to put signs of spring in the nooks and crannies.....
 We have our class this weekend for our Flower Garden quilt so I am trying to be a little productive~
I'll see if I can get some class pictures of all the star students work...It's really amazing!

" Bird by Bird" I am getting there......
 And my Millie watches over whatever I am up to......
She looks like me with one eye open and one half asleep~lol!


  1. Happy Birthday Eileen !!!

    Your applique quilt is really coming along ! This is going to be a Gorgeous quilt !

  2. Happy Birthday and the little one is so cute. Love the quilt.


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