Flower Garden Quilt progress...and Millies home!

Thank goodness we meet monthly for this quilt! How on this green earth could I ever complete this project without accountability from my friends and the classroom! Wait till you see the borders which will start next.....and the circles....we were warned to begin making them at random~

I LOVE this starch.....and it smells wonderful...it makes the room smell like I just did the laundry when all I have done is make more circles...lol~

My circle making side table....a perfect sidekick for the news or phone calls..
Millie is finally home! She is really exhausted and has been snoozing away her days.....she had a beautiful litter and will have just one more before she retires~ to us...her forever home!

Pretty girl~


  1. I love the fabric!
    Love the pups!
    She is precious!

  2. Millie does look tired.. but they are BEAUTIFUL pups!!! Love the Best Press too - mine is lavender scent.

  3. I love those applique blocks! Havent done any applique in awhile. Seeing your crisp circles makes me want to do some! Cuter than cute puppies!

  4. Pretty flowers, Pup, and pup's pups....:)

  5. Beautiful fabrics, sweet mama and pretty pups. What a happy post!

  6. Great job with your Flower Garden quilt. I am in the process of sewing my 1 1/2” squares together for the last border.
    That Mama has a reason to be tired.


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