Such "Glorious Colors"!!

Second month into BOM for my Flower Garden~Tips on making better stems and better storage of stems~

 Best tip yet~buying a wheel of brights to compliment each beautiful fabric~I know I could use a neutral thread but this is more fun don't you think?

 I purchased this online....quick and easy~♠


  1. Shopping is always an excellent tip! You can never have enough thread or fabric......giggle.

  2. Yes, I see how you've been sneaking in Christmas 'thingies' in your blog header……yep, I have noticed!!

    Colored donuts are yummy!

  3. Yeh, and I want to know why there isn't any dust on your plant leaves…….there's dust on mine……….?

  4. I have both their donut bobbins and love them. There have been very few times I've not found the perfect match. Have fun with your appliqué!

  5. The donut is a great idea. Your block is lovely--I'm looking forward to seeing it done! I wrapped some of my stems the same way, and for some I am using a piece of a swim noodle so that I can pin the ends into it.

  6. beautiful colors, they look rich!


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