Sweet Christmas surprises for my two oldest grand~daughters, thoughtful quilting and of course the puppies!~♥

I have two beautiful BEAUTIFUL kits(for my two oldest grand~daughters) ready for my itchy fingers to begin! But first things first~ I cannot even open them until I finish my Cali quilts....no worries~that gives me plenty of time to think about the colors and design and of course the quilting~I am thinking of writing them each a letter~on the quilt~♥

 Cali quilt is coming off the frame very soon and will be ready for packing while I load the second one to begin~This quilt is so beautiful and so wonderful to work on...wait till you see the next one~my goodness....
I love my job....

And the puppies are getting cuter every day~ready to go home in one month~Millie will be back home with us one week from Saturday!!! We really miss her~♥


  1. I love the quilt it is so pretty. The puppies are adorable.

  2. Your quilt is gorgeous...and your quilting is over the top!! Your grand-daughter is going to flip!! Speaking of flipping...puppies are adorable!! Are they cockapoos??

  3. Oh my gosh Eileen ! I LOVE IT ! How fun to see your progress on my quilt :-D You are doing a amazing job ! Looking forward to seeing it in person and just holding it in my arms ;-)

  4. What a gorgeous quilt! and those puppies are delightful!


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