Tuesday, May 29, 2012

CoMpLeTe InSpIrAtIoN from Stephanie Nielson~♥

take a peek at Stephanies book~

I have been following Stephanies blog for a long time and she inspires me with each and every post~I just finished her book and would recommend it to everyone~amazing is the only word that describes this young woman and her husband.......btw if anyone is looking for me I am in my quilting room......♥E

Stephanie has a tutorial on her blog for these pretty paper decorations~this is her picture~

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wowza!!~KaThLeEnS MaStErPiEcE~♥

Take a look at this applique~can you believe this master quilter Kathleen!!? I must ask her how long does it take for her to applique a quilt (heirloom) like this.........This was such a treat to quilt and I hope she loves it~♥

Saturday, May 19, 2012

On my Quilting Frame~my dog~Everone's dog Wilf ~♥

Here is a master quilters quilt~another beauty from Kathleen who has been waiting more than patiently for its completion! I am mesmerized by the perfect applique~the curves~the beautiful embroidered vines~her tiny stitches!! She could be a plastic surgeon! I am SO carefully making my way around her beautiful work and loving every minute~♥
This is a photo of early morning today~it looks like a beautiful weekend!

 Millie chillin' in her new favorite spot~

And a sad farewell to our little "Wilf" whose journey came to a gentle end with his family in France~♥ If you have a moment tale a peek at www.wilfanddigby.blogspot.com and leave a word for Angus and the Font who adored him..

Friday, May 11, 2012

A Womans Work~ on my hooking frame~♥

This beauty on my hooking frame has a beautiful back story that I will share when it is completed~For now it is enough that I am picking up a my hook and at long last coaxing it to completion~♥

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stoned Love~♥


ten minutes later.......


where am I looking...?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New items for sale! Rug Hooking Frame~Wool~

For sale~ Rug Hooking stand~BRAND NEW octagonal 360 degree swivel stand for rug hookers~adjustable and collapsible for easy storage or transport~it comes with a cotton "bonnet" to protect your rug hooking project! 

Price is $135.00 with FREE shipping~I will list it on Etsy tonite~♥ SOLD!!

 Ready to use soft felted wool for your rug hooking projects or woolen applique~brick red~chocolate brown and ash rose~ fat quarter pieces sold individually or in a set of four ~$8.00 ea. or 4/$25.00~on my ETSY site later!

 Millie~waiting for the rain to stop outside...poor thing~she has no toys...lol!

Friday, May 4, 2012


Big "E" and Cal spent the week at Nana E's ~this morning they are both running all around the house looking for all their special toys and "woobies" and squishy pillows because Dad is on his way!

Here is our newest munchie FRESHLY hatched on May 1st!!
~Vincent Michael~
the proud owner of the "three scoop" baby quilt~lol!  He is a keeper for sure!....♥