Saturday, February 25, 2012

Birthdays♥ Grandmunchies♥ Quilts and Wool~

Nathan and Isabel very intently working on pictures for Grandies birthday~♥

 Quilts shipped!

 Wool dyed!
 Emma and one of her favorite things to do ~stickman dot com~♥

 Lots of birthdays to celebrate~Happy birthday to my mom and to my daughter Jacki and her husband Jim!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Dorr Potpourri swatches and Greys Dye Measuring Spoons for sale~♥

Winterhill Woolens has some really beautiful Dorr Potpourri swatches to offer to those who hook and applique~They will be offered at a discount to pay it forward~The same applies with the measuring spoons. If anyone is interested I will be happy to post them in my Etsy store! We will be offering the Dorr wool in packs of three~the colors available here are (Watermelon, Woodrose,Violet) (Juniper,White,Yellow Green) and 5 other color combos will be sold~The sets will be priced at $12.50 ea.

The Grey Dye spoon set is $39.00 The individual Measuring spoon is $10.00
shipping costs will be posted 
You can leave a comment to let me know or e-mail me at

We also have Moshimer hooks, frames and scissors, GORGEOUS Dorr wool yardage and British wool yardage available at pay it forward prices~♥

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Turning on a Dime today~

"Waiting for the Drop" almost complete~♥These chickens are so fun to hook~Today I must put down my hook and clear the decks for some long~arm quilting before I pick up big "E" from kindergarden. Thanks goodness for 5 year olds that stop me in my tracks and remind me to look for rocks in the shape of a donut while we walk to Kates Corner store~♥

 Pattern for sale on Etsy~I am SO excited...wait till you see the next Tabby coming.....have a great weekend everyone  if I get sidelined! ♥E

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More bundles of woolens~♥

I have put together some very pretty bundles of our wool today~I would really like to keep it all.....
 Yummy plaids~
 Old roses~

Brown horse~

 saddle~this looks like suede its so pretty!

 Bittersweet and tabby~a nice combo~

 Needless to say I am still in my PJ's~time to get dressed and take a ride to the farm with Maggie for some milk and bread~♥

Monday, February 13, 2012

Hand~Dyed Wool sample~♥

We have hand~dyed some beautiful wool  and will be listing it today in my Etsy store~The colors are scrumptious and textured and this weeks wool lot (more to follow) will be the last of these colors~ We will be sure to give you a fuller picture of each woolen piece as I list them today~We will be listing others as we get to our dye pot!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Summer at the Farm" by Joined at the Hip~for sale!

This is a kit that includes all the fabric to complete the top and binding of 38x48" "Summer at the Farm" by Joined at the Hip. Instructions are in the book "Seasons to Taste" which is included in this sale in my Etsy shop!

 Beautiful collection of fabrics~

Saturday, February 11, 2012

My SeWiNg RoOm SaLe!!!

Check out my Etsy store and don't be too shy to give me a reasonable offer!!!

I am taking some SERIOUS inventory in my sewing space and selling some magnificent quilt and wool kits as I am never going to live long enough to complete~Seriously folks~I would need 9 lives....
Aunt Luci's Cottage ( 63"x67") is a gem and near impossible to find so I kindly relinquish it in my Etsy shop to a lover of all things Blackbird Designs~
 The fabrics are all Moda and stunning~they are in pristine condition in the original packaging~

 This is the prettiest Ginger Cookie Company wool sampler (33.1/2"x16.1/2") I have EVER seen and offer it to you as of today, complete with the most scrumptious wool colors and threads to complete~the pattern is included~

 And this "Tweetland of Liberty" kit  by Pickering Farms includes pre-washed wool , tapestry needle,buttons, hanger loops and pattern~measures 19"x25" completed.
more to come!

Friday, February 10, 2012

"Waiting for the Drop"

 Working on a pattern called,"Waiting for the Drop" I love hooking chickens~actually these little vinnettes picture stories~haha, are very fun to hook! Just enough to fit in a busy week~

 Emma (big E) was here yesterday to spend some fun time between end of school day and dancing school~our theme for our 50/50 was, "what people leave at the beach..." She is very intense while painting~Sometimes she draws and I fill then sometimes I draw and she fills~she is doing more drawing AND filling and I just watch.....she will say,"C'mon Nana E!" (could I fit anything more on the table? yikes..)

 "We" paint then outline.......all her ideas....

 Maggie waits patiently for more treats...Emma and I stop by the corner store every Thursday to buy a snack and while we are there we buy Maggie a home~made dog biscuit the owner of the shop bakes.They come in all flavors but peanut butter is her favorite~♥

Monday, February 6, 2012

"Simply Beautiful Colors" I highly recommend~♥

Saturday was spent reading "Simply Beautiful Colors" by Nancy Raybould and trying out her approach (with my sister-in-law) to dying all colors of wool using JUST 5 dyes!

It was the easiest~most streamlined system not to mention cost saving~♥

This is a sampling of the wool we dyed for WinterHill Woolens~

The jars are labeled with the 5 colors..

 The measuring spoons~which come with the book~ are at the ready..

 Read the instructions carefully one last time...

 Mix with boiling water...

 Ahhhhh~liquid gold.....

 and garnet...

 we had a beautiful sunny afternoon for drying~

 Perfect for summer strawberries~♥
You can order the book, the swatches, the dyes and the spoons in one order at
I would HIGHLY recommend this book and this system of dying for new and "seasoned" rug hookers...It takes the worry OUT and puts the fun back INto the process! I sound like a paid advertisement~but I am simply a fan!