The calm after the storm....

Irene really packed a punch here in New England but for Chelmsford it was only rough for a short time...I have never seen rain like this before...(neighbors driveway with run-off from road) We were only off the grid for one day so no complaints here..♥

 Emma amd Mags

 W00l for my rug~

 Signs of Autumn...


  1. So glad you weathered the storm with relative ease; we only had wind here and really missed the much needed rain.

  2. I'm so glad you are safe, hope there isn't too much cleaning up to do after all the wind and rain.

  3. I wish we had some of that flood water down here in south Texas, but I'm glad you didn't have it any worse than you did!

  4. So glad you and your loved ones are okay. Marilyn

  5. Glad the storm wasn't too damaging where you are. We had to leave the Felter's Fling (in Mass.) a day early due to concerns about the weather. :(


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