MQXausted!! and Inspired!

Back again from MQX East and once again the floppy disc in my head is completely FULL~ Now to let all this new info simmer and see what will rise to the top......Imagine spending your days surrounded by quilting artists who are there to share ideas and shortcuts and secrets......lovely!!

Here are some snippets of things I learned this week in class...

*Bindings are important on a show quilt....judges like 1/4 " on front and back so cut your bindings 2 and 1/4 " instead of 2 and 1/2".

*Close your miters on your binding by hand .

*Quilting confidence never comes~

*Judges decline or accept your quilt in a show in a 3 minute review!

*Dear Jane quilts are so 5 years ago...this completely cracked me up as I am just starting!

*Go Green is a great stain removal for quilts.

*Judges like floral quilted patterns best.

*Quilters dream poly~Select~is the best batting for show quilts as it does not remember fold lines~

*Always use U.S. Postal service when you ship quilts.

*Stippling and micro-stippling are out~ ( I love to stipple...big and small,,)

*Tiny circles and Tiny loops are in...

* and on and on...........♥

As Karen McTavish (above) said in class " We quilt to keep our worry hands busy and we quilt to cover our families in love~to somehow protect them..."

I was sitting at the kitchen table talking to my husband when I returned and this is the paper that was in front of me as I was talking about my week....if you look closely it has a little diagram of a walk and a patio that we had been discussing you can see my mind was back in the classroom~lol!

Oh and of course I bought some new go along with all my new ideas~ :) Like a box of candy!


  1. i can't wait to sign up for MQXWest!!
    thanks for the tips...funny what's in and what's out! :)
    nice doodles!

  2. WE only OUT of the LOOP if we want to be, someone IT comes around again before we know it!

  3. Yeah, those 1800s quilt are just *so* dated -- LOL! I didn't realize quilts were supposed to keep up with the trends.

  4. wow it looks like you are inspired!!! i have a weekend like that coming up taking the wbh workshop sue spargo and ali strebel are 2 of the teachers and when i come home from a weekend like that i can't sleep my heads spinning and i hate my job because it keeps me from doing what i love!!! but one must work in order to play =0)
    my friend i hope you can sleep.


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