Friday, December 31, 2010

Let's go discover 2011~ Happy New Year to all my blogging friends~♥

 Food coloring + snow + two four years olds = FuN!

 I suggest you don't use!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

l0ve letters, lalaloopsy and little women......♥

 Tara and Emma sleep~over pals.....♥

 L00king for Maggie...
 Early risers.....

I found this note from Kate on my pillow last night~she left for another sleep~over at her cousins...♥ ( I had asked her over the weekend if she liked to wear shoes and she and I agreed we both liked "bear" feet the best...)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bookstore, lemon squares, scooped up another cousin for a snowball fight~♥

Our favorite bookstore in Concord♥

Kate practicing splits while choosing her books....

Fuel for our!

 We picked up big "E" and will look forward to seeing Tara later this afternoon...good times...

Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday fun~

Christmas concert with my shy grandchildren~there is Tara waving at us~"l0ves being on the stage" ♥

Kate waiting for her group to sing...♥

Danny l00king for his "people" ♥

Tara having a cupcake party in her classroom...♥

These tiles were drawn by the schoolchildren and added to the design of the new wing...they are MAGICAL!!!!

Kate sleeping over for a few days of sewing and chillin' ♥ She asked me, "Nana were you born in the 1900's?" oh my.....

Monday, December 20, 2010

Marry me.....

I woke up very early to the sound of my husband "happily" getting ready to go out to a "road job" (police). Mind you, this is his day off....Before he left, he fed the dog and put her outside to play and then went to the coffee shop to get me a coffee AND a iced coffee for later today~

When he was backing out of the driveway I opened the upstairs bedroom window to say good morning and "what's up?"

He said from the window of his truck,"Your coffee is in the kitchen~I'll be back by two o'clock!""Someone had too much Christmas cheer and took down a pole!" (big grin..)

When I got down to the kitchen he had written me a note ( he leaves me notes..) in case he missed me....hoping I have a nice sewing day...see me later...l0ve.....of course...♥

Now this is the thing......This man I married wakes up happy~goes to work happy and always makes sure I have whatever I need.and then some.......from day one......we're talking 38 years now.....

He's a tough act to follow~I try to balance him out with my!

So today while I am in my sewing room , I will be listening to this song and thinking of this man ....♥

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A l0vely December give~away!!

Take a peek over at and visit Natalie who happens to be the office manager at Tasha Tudor and Family Inc. She is offering some beautiful pink lusterware teacups for her December give~away~ Tashas' favorite teacup of course.....I love them all....♥

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Monthly Quilting Gathering~ This time on Cape Cod~♥

We traveled to Cape Cod this week~end to visit my sister and have our monthly "quilting"day....I must say that we spent little time quilting and all of our time telling stories, eating, catching up and lots of good laughs.... the sewing can wait till next month...all we have for show and tell is some empty wine bottles and take out containers..its all good..♥

Oh and look at my new wine glass from my mother today.....along with my favorite wine.....♥