Preparing for CoLd wInTeR DoG WaLkS~♥

I fell in love with an oversized knitted neck warmer hoodie that I noticed on a knitters blog last year and so here I go trying to make something similar for myself to wear as I walk little Mags early in the cold morning and late into the winter nights.....the good news is that it will be dark so if it comes out a little odd Maggie will never mention will feel so good to be able to pull something thick and warm right up over my what about some mittens?.....hmmmmm.....♥ I really like the recycled w00l mittens....I'll put it on the list...


  1. Winter is coming and it will keep you warm for sure. I like the color. JB

  2. Just love the thought~~~that;s exactly where you need the warmth

  3. It looks lovely and warm! Enjoy your walks.

  4. I have never learned to knit, but like to crochet. I am hoping with winter coming I can get back to making and sewing things. Been too busy for awhile redoing our home and working in the yard.



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