Always another one in the makin'

Yet another shout out to Attic 24 for keeping my grandmunchies wrapped in Ripples.....Another big birthday this weekend so I need to get a move on with this blanket! As you can see it is always right beside one of my favorite chairs waiting for a few rows....and then a ruffle or two...♥


  1. Your afghan is beautiful! I have this pattern bookmarked and one of these days I'm going to give it a try! Too many projects and not nearly enough time...

  2. It is so pretty. I just have to find time to make me one. Who ever is having a birthday I wish them the very best one.


  3. Love all you new pics of the kids-Adorable!!!!
    And the the wood stocked on the porch for these chilly days-I hope!!
    Looks cozy with your afghans and tea and Regis and Kelly!
    : )

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.
    Your quilting is lovely! Is it done freehand with the long-arm quilter? I've never used one. They do an amazing job. My friend has one, but she's just starting out so doesn't do anything quite so intricate.
    I am impressed!


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