Grandies Birthday Quilt` A Labor of Love~

My mother is turning 80 years young this weekend and our family has been busy sewing a quilt for her~

We needed at least 80 baskets, of course, so the squares were divided up between family members and shipped to Florida, New York and all over New England~ They came back to me to sew together to make a lovely wall hanging for my mothers home~

The baskets were all unique with lots of love notes tucked inside each basket..This was truly a labor of love~

I used vintage sheet blocks for the back of the quilt ~they remind me of my childhood..

And there were so many other heartfelt gifts given to my mom including a wonderful drawing of our family home drawn by my brother John~ lots warm fuzzy moments...and our celebrity guests which included my moms' best friends and her two special sisters~

( The pattern for the quilt btw is called Trick or Treat)

Some of the girls checking out the birthday quilt~


  1. What a special basket quilt that is, with the little extra-special touches. It's a really neat idea! Larry's Mom turned 80 last year, it was a great day for us all.

  2. Eileen the quilt and all the special wishes tucked inside is a treasure. Happy Birthday to your mom, I'm sure she is a treasure herself.

  3. What sweet baskets. Happy Birthday to your Mom.

  4. Very nice! I love all the extra goodies added to the baskets. Wishing your Mom a wonderful year!

  5. This still blows me away almost a year later~~~~~~~ how did I deserve such a family?


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