10 baskets done~281 to go!!

This quilt pattern is a perfect match for me, as Oprah and I are working on our last year and a half closing out a project...~hers is her show and mine is my commitment to help out with my munchie grandchildren while their Dad completes law school...so to partner a quilt with this process is just what I needed~
This pattern is called Trick or Treat but I like to think of it as giving baskets from family members who have contributed to this young family to help them establish a firm footing~ My daughter has contributed many "baskets" as she works very hard to keep the family afloat financially...My husband and I watch the "rascals" and so on...every "basket" counts in life~
So on to the next ten!


  1. God Bless you! What cute baskets and an ambitious project! Keep up the good work and love those munchies!

  2. The baskets are just so cute! What a wonderful project you have gotten into!


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