I just got onboard the HEXI train! Better late than never!

So here I am late to the party but catching up fast~ I am learning lessons quickly as I ordered a very large 3 inch hexi at the start and paper along with it~ When it arrived in the mail I got a good laugh at the size of it! But it really suits my Kaffe fabric stash~

 I also found some lovely threads for the hand quilting later....

So I will call this quilt "The Collection"

And of course all around and in between I am quilting lovely quilts~ This is one of two made by Colleen for two sisters~ the other is on my frame~

Some "loveletters"

Millie always ready for errands or treats~ She looks innocent right here doesn't she? Well she just stole my LAST hot cross bun from the bakery.....it was sitting by my coffee.....I left for a minute to put the heater on..on my porch and when I came back.....
well....you snooze..you lose....said Millie.


  1. Welcome aboard!!! Your hexies look great!!! I finally gave in myself and am making 1 1/2" hexies. Love the 3" size you have! Millie looks so innocent. :-)

  2. Glad the hexie fever has hit you too! They're addicting, huh? Fun bright colors you're using.

  3. Never too late for hexies. :) Inspirational post. Of course, I love Millie. Not sure if you have entered her in the annual Pets on Quilts Show, hosted by Lilypad Quilting, every summer. Quite fun and great prizes too! I think it is in August @ http://lilypadquilting.blogspot.com/


  4. You are going to love making hexies . . . it's my favorite past-time while my husband is watching his man shows on TV. So, while he is in the swamps hunting alligators or driving the icy road of Alaska . . . I'm sitting there smiling paper piecing hexies :)

  5. Just hopped over here from Debra's blog, I have been admiring her hexies each time she posts and so pleased she gave us a link to you! I can see your are fan of KF and friends, your hexies look beautiful in their fabrics. Love Millie!!!! I feel another blog to add to my list coming on!

  6. I have to laugh - wenhave been sharing the same journey! I hadn't stitched much last year, but looked at my fabric stash - the one you never touch because it's "for a special quilt" that you will never make. So I dived into that stash of KAFFE fabrics and cut and cut and cut - SOOOOOO liberating! Make a heap of hexies and .... just got going. It's been almost a year now and it is still nowhere near being finsihed, but I'm loving working with these fabrics.


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