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Spot Dyeing a Maine night sky~

While working on my rug "On The Edge of a Dream" I realized that I needed quite a bit of nighttime sky to hook in and around the off to the dye pot I went....I thought I would share the process with pictures to help or inspire those who love to hook and dye~ I have plenty of medium blue 100% wool but the color is too flat for my taste to capture the dark blue almost black swirly skies of Maine when one looks over the cliffs on a beautiful summer night.... So for starters, I ripped about one yard in total (per recipe....) into manageable pieces. 6x8, 8x10, 8x5...however you want to cut it up to scrunch it into the pot....I like the pieces to start smallish so I can hand cut as I hook.... So, scrunch all your wool in your pan...I use an old roasting pan.... Cover with water and let soak overnight....Its important that your wool is wet all the way thru so the dye will reach the center~ otherwise you will have light or whitish lines when you cut and hook...

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