Sunday, February 23, 2014

Flower Garden Quilt progress...and Millies home!

Thank goodness we meet monthly for this quilt! How on this green earth could I ever complete this project without accountability from my friends and the classroom! Wait till you see the borders which will start next.....and the circles....we were warned to begin making them at random~

I LOVE this starch.....and it smells makes the room smell like I just did the laundry when all I have done is make more

My circle making side table....a perfect sidekick for the news or phone calls..
Millie is finally home! She is really exhausted and has been snoozing away her days.....she had a beautiful litter and will have just one more before she retires~ to us...her forever home!

Pretty girl~

Monday, February 17, 2014

"She is clothed in strength and dignity.." A mothers blessing on a baby daughters quilt~

This is the first of two "blessings quilts" made for two sweet children.....for MYBLANKIES

 You can feel the love from the mother who saved the little clothes and chose them with care along  with a blessing she chose from her Bible...

 words to live by....can you almost feel the pillowy fabrics?

Sunday, February 9, 2014

BeAuTiFuL baby girl quilt and SwEEt AnNiE making~

Sweet Valentine Annie waiting for her dress...
 her sister with those!

 waiting for bows and such......
 A closer look at her socks and undies....painted then laced..

 And HERE is the SWEETEST quilt for a special girl from clothes her Mom chose so very carefully...

Great job Mom and great job Colleen Durkin from MYBLANKIES over at Etsy! Orders are just pouring in for Colleens priceless keepsake quilts~

 pockets and critters...

 soft sweet fabrics..

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Woodstove, beautiful scraps and Valentines~

We just got our heat back on yesterday after 5 days but truth be told it was kinda wonderful...
.I have a very cute fake stove space heater that warmed my sewing tea.....a bag of colorful scraps and lace from my Swedish sister...Downton Abbey on the tube..

Hot tea....all sorts of hearts coming to life..

 Trying a new doll pattern for a Valentine delivery~
 Looking at the options for a dress....
 A warm house in the meantime~ no complaints here~